5 Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversions

landing page design tips


No matter what type of business you have, leads are a necessary part of your business. And it is an essential aspect of your marketing campaign efforts. Marketing can be done in several ways to generate leads –  social media, content marketing, paid ads, and this list can go on and on. But regardless of which outlets you use to advertise you’ll need to convert the target into a potential customer, and the best way to do this is with a quality landing page. 

There are tons of benefits to creating and optimizing your efforts when it comes to your landing pages. And one of the biggest is its ability to help you reach your business goals.

We’ll go over these benefits, discover everything that you’ll need to include on your landing page design, and how you can make improvements based on what your visitors are doing. 

What is the purpose of a landing page?

Let’s first discuss the purpose of a landing page. A landing page is a single website page that serves a very specific purpose — to convert visitors into a lead. There are different types of landing pages that may have different purposes but ultimately the underlying goal is to get more leads to make more sales. 

A landing page will contain forms that ask visitors to give their personal contact information in exchange for something of value. This is known as the offer. This isn’t an easy task. Most people will not easily give up their personal information, but a well-crafted landing page with a solid offer can convince them. 

landing page design to boost conversion

Landing Page Design Must-Haves

There is a specific landing page structure that should be followed. And the landing page should always have these five elements in this order:

  • A headline that grabs the visitor’s attention
  • A relevant image that is appropriate to your audience
  • The lead form should sit above the fold to capture visitors’ information
  • CTA that is action-oriented and compelling
  • Copy and description that informs and entices your visitor to complete your form

But that’s not all. These things alone will not matter if you’re website doesn’t have the following features,  

Make Sure it’s Mobile-Friendly

It shouldn’t shock you to hear that nearly half of the people online are using their mobile devices to perform their searches. Have you ever seen a webpage on your phone that wasn’t optimized for your phone? Most of the website is unviewable, and before it’s even finished loading you have already clicked off of the page.  

If your landing page isn’t mobile friendly you’ll miss out on a ton of targeted traffic because your landing page isn’t loading correctly. 

A Thank you page

Once your visitor completes your form they will be directed to a thank you page.  This page serves three very important purposes – to give them what you promised whether it’s a download or access to the information requested, to provide an opportunity to pull your new lead in for more relevant content, or simply to thank them for trusting you.

Here are the 5 things you should do to boost conversions

Building a good landing page will aid in transforming your visitor into a customer. But there are various aspects of the marketing and the landing page that you’ll want to pay close attention to. These things will help to boost your conversions and build lasting relationships with your customers.  Here are some important aspects of your landing page that you’ll want to constantly improve on. These five elements will ensure that your efforts to obtain your business goals are much more successful,

landing page design mistakes
What we all want to avoid.

Create A Compelling Headline

This is the first aspect of your landing page that your visitor will see and if it isn’t impactful or doesn’t give them a reason why they should continue reading then you will lose them. You have seconds to grab their attention. They need to know and understand what’s in it for them as soon as they arrive on your page. 

While the headline is an integral element of your content, it’s also important that your content aligns perfectly with the headline.  You can achieve this by focusing on creating the introduction, subtitles, bullet points, and call to action with the same level of importance. Each step of the landing page serves the purpose to get them to the next step.

You can put it all into perspective by looking at it as you are educating your prospects and customers, and teaching them new things. Yes, the headline is important, but it’s only enough to get them to click not to keep them interested.

Clear concept and value propositions

A clear explanation of how your product or service will fill their needs should be reflected in the copy. When you communicate the features and benefits, identify with their problem and provide a solution with your product or service you will appeal to their strongest decision-making drivers. 

When you connect with your audience’s problems you create a unique positioning statement, and when you clearly explain how your product or service will help them overcome their obstacles you improve the effectiveness of your landing page.

Noticeable calls-to-action (CTAs)

Without a noticeable call-to-action (CTA) your landing page is pointless. This is the way that you convert your visitor into a lead. It’s the element that should stand out above all else on the page.

You can achieve this by using vibrant and contrasting colors, and labeling the buttons with an action verb that clearly states what they need to do, such as, “submit”, “download”, or “get it now”. 

Here are some additional tips that help you to draw the reader’s attention to the CTA, 

  • Concentrate the CTA copy on the benefits to your visitor
  • Don’t beat around the bush, get to the point without using any more than five words
  • Make the button large so that it stands out on the page with the action verb that directs them to take action.
  • When you create negative space around your CTA it helps it to stand out better.  
  • Place your CTA where the readers’ eyes will naturally follow. Most often this is to the right of the copy or below it. 
  • Test your CTA button – test its shape, test the color, and test every aspect of your landing page.

Tailored to Individual Audiences

Your landing page takes your visitor through a journey that ends with your product or service and its offer. You cannot take them through this journey without fully understanding who you are talking to, what their problems are, and create an offer they cannot refuse.

The best way to tailor your offer and the content is for it to be directed to your audience specifically. This is how you write compelling copy that touches the reader’s emotions, and causes them to provide their contact info. 

Use beautiful images

Any image that you use should be an eye-catching image that is featured at the top of a landing page. It is essential to convey a message to your audience. Images allow people to process information faster, and when the image properly represents your message and is clean and clear you are able to capture their feelings and get the results that you want easier. 

There are plenty of free websites that offer high-quality photos that you can use. Just be sure that you are choosing an image that aligns with your message and brand and targets your audience.  

Benefits of a good landing page

​​There are endless benefits when it comes to having a good landing page. Here are just seven benefits that make this lead generation tool indispensable, 

1. Increases conversions

Landing pages will convert more traffic because they are singly focused on one goal, one call to action, and to a specific audience. There is no navigation to distract the reader so that the visitor remains focused on the main goal. 

So by effectively generating targeted traffic to your landing page through advertising, email, or social media traffic you are able to create a specific offer. This is going to increase your conversion.

2. Provides insights into your target audience.

There are various aspects of your landing pages that you are able to track that will help you to find the topics that your visitors are most interested in. This valuable insight will allow you to provide your audience with more of what they are looking for and this improves your efforts. 

When you create a more targeted, and personalized marketing strategy you are able to better engage with your audience, target future campaigns and improve various aspects of your marketing strategy.

3. Grow your email subscriber list.

The end goal is for the users to provide their email and name. And for this exchange, you’ll provide them with something of value that they believe they cannot go without.  Landing pages help you quickly grow your email subscriber list with high-quality leads, and because of this, you’ll be able to create more personalized follow-up emails that will encourage more sales.

4. Landing pages are testable.

You are able to test every aspect of your landing page – the copy, design, headline, CTA, and more. This is a fantastic opportunity to find out exactly what visuals and copy perform best with your target audience. Doing this allows you to quickly find what works and discover new ways to drive more leads to your business.

5. Allows you to measure metrics directly tied to business goals.

Your landing page should help you to reach a specific business goal. And the ability to various measure metrics you’ll be able to determine how well your marketing campaign and landing page are performing. Depending on the results you will be able to make tweaks to various aspects so that you can drive the highest conversions to your landing page, and spend time in the areas that are yielding better returns on your investment. 

6. Ability to add context to your offer.

The ability to add context to your marketing offer helps trigger emotions that help to convert visitors into leads and ultimately customers. By creating a page that is specific to the reader from the moment they click on the ad to the very moment they fill out the form. 

7. Increases brand value and makes a good first impression.

A well-designed landing page will capture the attention of a visitor and ultimately turn them into a lead. But it’s not always about the design of your landing page. A lot of it has to do with how your valuable content is displayed. If you want to impress your new visitors and turn them into leads then you’ll need to be sure that your landing page is easy to read and uses beauty images that align with your product or service and its brand.  

You might not always land the customer right away, but increasing brand recognition will aid in nurturing leads for future sales.

The goal is to take your time to create an engaging, interactive, and interesting landing page. A page that effectively communicates your product/service, and adds value to your brand.


Following these simple tips will help you to lead your prospects on a journey that will lead to increased conversions, a consistently growing email list, more sales, and a growing brand. This isn’t something that should be rushed. 

Your landing page design isn’t going to get the results that you desire without a strong strategy and this is why the first step to building your landing page is an understanding of your target market. And delivering an irresistible offer that will be the solution to their problem.  

At Inflowlabs we perform in-depth market research so that we understand your target market. Our underlying goal is to deepen your brand, have your business stand out, and develop a landing page that converts based on real-world research. We don’t get what will work, we research what will work and tweak it until we achieve it.

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