Learn How These WordPress Experts Used Blogging/SEO To Double Their Website Traffic

No matter what business you’re in, we can all agreeon one thing - website traffic matters website traffic matters

Generally speaking, more traffic, more profits. It’s no rocket science.
What can feel like rocket science is figuring out the ideal formula to get the web traffic and conversion results you seek.

Putting effort into your SEO and content marketing strategy can have a monumental impact on the size of your audience and ultimately your conversion rate.

A Content and SEO Strategy Walk-Through

In this case study, we’ll be taking a look at how our team at InflowLabs was able to help our sister company, WooNinjas, a WordPress product provider and development agency, double their traffic and increase their sales within a single year by implementing a tailored search engine optimization strategy.

The goal of this case study is to share our insights and ideas that can be put into practice in order to help you organically grow your online business. Here’s what we did to help the WooNinjas expand their reach, improve their traffic, and create content that effectively engages their target audience.

From 22,531 visitors in 2019 to almost 49,000 visitors in 2020.

What we stand for

22,531 visitors in 2019

48,942 visitors in 2020

What changed?




Sales in 2019


Sales in 2019




Product sales in 2019


Product sales in 2020

Let’s take a look at where it all started. From a business standpoint, The WooNinjas were set up for success: they built an efficient team of experienced WordPress developers, had clearly established brand guidelines, and hired extremely proficient project managers. With all of this in place, finding amazing clients was never a challenge, however, the team knew there was still room for growth.

Aware of how many benefits they could obtain from reaching a wider audience, the WooNinjas content team decided to concentrate their efforts on increasing their traffic. That’s where InflowLabs came in.

Just like we do for any of our clients, we kick-started the process with a discovery phase where we studied WooNinja’s target audience 
and their needs as well as completed thorough competitor research, all in order to define the goals we wanted to reach.

Then, we got down to work, concentrating our approach on two fronts:


The WooNinjas had been blogging from the get-go. However, they initially took a more organic approach to the process, mainly writing about topics that naturally interested the team, following their ideas as they came to mind.

Starting in 2020, the ninjas implemented an SEO strategy to make the most out of their content production. Changes started with competitor and keyword research, which allowed them to identify the most important questions and problems their audience was seeking to resolve.

With this in mind, we concentrated our efforts on crafting laser-focused articles targeting the most important keywords in WooNinjas’ main areas of expertise: LearnDash, learning management systems, e-commerce, and memberships (with a major emphasis on the former).

All blog content was optimized according to SEO best practices and distributed across the business’s main social outlets.

With little to no content promotion, the content spoke for itself, and soon monthly traffic was rising like never before.

Website and Landing Page Optimization

Before we get into everything we accomplished design-wise, let’s take a look at what we were working with from the start.

This is what the WooNinjas home page used to look like
back in 2019:

And here’s a snapshot of what the WooNinjas’ product pages looked like back in 2019:

Here’s how the website looks like now

The website’s design has come a long way since then, not only improving the aesthetics of the site, but also positively impacting user experience. The site’s new look, paired with the new friendly, professional and easy to navigate landing pages contributed to the rise in traffic, but also to increasing product sales.

All together the new website design is nice to look at and a pleasure to browse. What’s best is that the new landing pages do a much better job at highlighting the features and functionalities of the true stars of the show, the WooNinjas products.


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