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"People do not buy goods and services. They buy stories, relations & magic" - Seth Godin.


InflowLabs is a digital agency that is focused on 'growth hacking' and 'influencer marketing'. We are able to use social media platforms to create large communities and then use them to promote products/services. We are experts with 'personality branding' and are continuously busy educating people how they can increase followers, then turn followers into assets. If you are a brand who wants to use the most cost effective and efficient way of advertising, 'Influencer marketing' is the way to go. Our simplified process is illustrated below.

Campaign Development

We begin with the basics of developing goals and objectives for your brand, determining the mediums and channels to use and setting measurable KPI’s for your campaign.

Content Creation

With a belief that content is king, we pioneer in storytelling through engaging content to elevate the personality of your brand.

Influencer Matchup

We screen the most relevant Influencer for your brand by genre and niche. We also gauge whether a nano, micro, macro or mega influencer would be most suitable for your brand’s needs.

Results and Analytics

At last, we gauge the results of the campaign in terms of measuring social media insights, views and impressions and KPI’s achieved.


Growth Hacking

- Growth Framework
- Cost-effective reach
- Targeted Traffic

Art Credit: @shehzilm

Branding and consultation

- Social Media strategy
- Social Media handling
- Setup of campaigns

Art Credit: @shehzilm


- Rewards and badges
- Audience Interaction
- Competitions

Art Credit: Saqiba Suleman

Community Building

- People’s Empowerment
- Networking Opportunities
- Giving Back

Art Credit: @mehroozwaseem

Influencer Marketing

- Bloggers reviews
- Influencer giveaways
- Story telling

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Content Creation

- Social media and blog posts
- Graphic Design
- Animation design
- Web design

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Since the most effective form of marketing is via word of mouth, we use our network of influencers to promote your brand through the power of storytelling. Your website and social accounts should be one of your strongest assets, like building your dream home and we want to build you a home where your guests never want to leave.

We apply a 360 degree marketing approach and prioritise growing your brand organically, with a genuinely interested following before using conventional social media techniques and advertisements. We believe that the devil in the always in the details so will be gauging your digital presence with a gigantic magnifying glass.

Our team uses the tools of growth hacking, meaning using the least amount of resources of time, money and energy to achieve the highest possible results. After a wealth of experience of working with international brands, we now want to help local brands take their marketing game to the next level of awesome!

Are you passionate about creating content? Do you spend a lot of time taking the perfect picture for your instagram or snapchat? Do you dream about inspiring others and making an impact on the world? Are your followers interested in what you have to say? If this sounds like you and you want to be rewarded for your amazing social media efforts, sign up for free and become a part of the Inflowence community.

We help you connect with the right influencers in your particular niche to promote your service or product and reach it up to millions of views. Our thoughtfully curated influencer marketing campaigns will take your brand to the next level with storytelling, personalised reviews, a targeted reach and measurable engagement. Register now and be a part of the Inflowence magic.

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