SEO Content Marketing Services for Ecommerce Sites

Harness the power of content marketing to drive online traffic and increase revenue. We use SEO to help you make sales on autopilot. With a targeted SEO content marketing strategy you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your site and effectively reach potential buyers.

Content that converts

Did you know that more than 60% of people perform research on search engines before completing a purchase? SEO has one of the highest ROI of any ecommerce marketing campaign. We write content that helps online stores, service providers and B2B sites build deep, authentic relationships with their audiences.

We can help you:

  • Choose the right keywords to reach your target audience.

  • Gain visibility in search engines and beat your competitors.

  • Optimize your product and landing pages to maximize conversions.

  • Simplify your marketing strategy with done-for-you copywriting, content writing, SEO and web design.

  • Craft well-written content that is on-par with your brand.

Grow your business organically

Our vision in ecommerce content marketing is to build brands that give in order to receive. The more value you can contribute to your audience, the more they’ll feel inclined to purchase from you. We make your ecommerce brand appeal to your customers on a personal level through our educational, entertaining, and practical content.

High-quality content helps you connect with your audience, answer your potential customers’ questions, establish authority and highlight your products’ best features.

Why invest in content marketing for your online store?

To increase brand awareness

4 out of 5 consumers improve their perception of a brand after learning about it through informative pieces of content.

To gain visibility and traffic

Using SEO you’ll drive relevant traffic to your site and increase your sales.

To establish yourself as an industry expert

Content allows you to share your expertise and knowledge in your industry and build authority for your brand.

To boost your conversion rates

Using optimized copy and targeting content, we’ll help you attract more leads and boost your conversion rates.

Here’s how we’ll grow your business!

Keyword research

We will find the best business keywords to rank for helping you write content designed to drive targeted traffic to your Ecommerce website and boost your search engine rankings.

Editorial Calendar

Simplify your content makreting strategy efforts. Let our SEO experts plan out a year’s worth of content for your online store.

Blog Content Writing

We craft share-worthy articles that will not only provde your potential customers the information they need, but also help you gather backlinks and increase your overall SEO score.

Landing page copywriting

Our wordsmiths will create the persuasive landing page copy you need to make your potential customers swoon and most importantly, make more sales.

We drive ongoing traffic to your site, build up your brand’s image and help you connect with your audience!

We’ve Used Content Marketing To Help Hundreds Of Small Businesses Grow Including Our Own!

Landing Page and Copywriting

.70/per word

Content Writing

.40/per word

Editorial Calendar


No more trial and error. Let’s do what works and get your WordPress product selling like freshly-baked bread!