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We build stunning, intuitive websites, that accurately represent brands and help you connect with your audiences.

First Impressions Matter. Make Yours Count

It’s not always what you do, but how you do it. There’s more to growing a brand online than just listing your products and services on a website. The magic lies in how you represent yourself and your offers to your audience. Your brand deserves a website that puts it in the best light; a website that not only draws your audience in, but is also a pleasure to navigate.
Our WordPress web designers know how important a site’s front-end look is to establishing trust, reflecting professionalism and building up your brand’s image. Balancing beauty and function, no detail goes unnoticed when we’re crafting our client’s sites.

Our Process


Our clients work hand-in-hand with a designated Project Manager that kick-starts the process by getting to know them and their brands on a deep level, gaining insights on their identity, voice, audience, goals, products and services. This intel helps us develop a scope to tailor your site’s design and function to meet your needs.


When designing a site from scratch, our experienced WordPress developers first need to set the right foundations to deliver the desired front-end experience. This includes selecting a theme and completing all the configurations and customizations to make your website look and run exactly as you envision.


At this stage we work on the front-end of your site, taking into account our client’s style, desired image and branding elements to produce a beautiful, eye-catching site their audience will love. Clients are presented with wireframes for review before the design is implemented on their site’s pages.


The Project Manager, along with our QA team, will go over the finishing details to make sure every part of your site looks and works as it’s supposed to. We involve the clients in the review process to guarantee the highest level of satisfaction.

Why Choose InflowLabs WordPress Web Design Services?

Custom Design

We design websites that make brands feel at home. Our custom designs are tailored to each brand’s style, audience and goals, with stunning looks and high-functionality.


Our team or WordPress developers and designers know WordPress inside out with over 10 years of industry experience and dozens of projects under our belts.


We create sites that deliver a super user-experience, are easy-to-navigate and conversion-oriented, helping you appeal to your audience to make sales and close deals.


Your team will be involved throughout the entire design process and supported by a designated Project Manager that will keep you in the loop and make sure everything runs smoothly.

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